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Courier Service

We are doing Ad Hoc jobs. All over Melbourne and beyond! Whether it’s an envelope, extra-large box, pallet or a semi load we look forward to providing you with an excellent service for each & every delivery.

All transport vehicles used are fully equipped with equipment like trolleys, tie ropes & angels for safer deliveries. All drivers are experienced with similar courier industries & well trained with safety rules & regulations covered by Victorian transportation & logistics act.

We provide following services.

  • Door to door service ( Same day Pick up & Delivery ).
  • Express service ( Within time frame period ).
  • VIP service ( Within 1 hour).
  • Set run ( Mail Collection, Office & Bank pick up (am & pm) ) runs.


This service represents great value if you have documents or goods that need to get to your client extremely quickly. We understand the importance of a quick turnaround and our vehicle will be on your doorstep. We work around your needs if you have any special requirements, timeslot deliveries or after-hours/weekend deliveries just let us know and we will more than happy to provide good services and arrange time for you. You can contact us any time for a competitive quote.